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The Stillwater Dairy Queen was originally located on Highway 36 & Omaha Avenue.  Where the original owner Loren Williquet opened this American classic in 1976. Now the Dairy Queen is in an innovative stand alone building in front of Office Max at Valley Ridge Mall that features a wonderful patio and drive thru.

The owners of the Dairy Queen in Stillwater are local residents and their goal is to give Stillwater a place where families and friends could go and enjoy DQ’s great food and treats in a comfortable atmosphere.  You will enjoy your experience and we will strive to give you great service to go along with this great looking facility.  We know how important our customers are and we know the unique connection Dairy Queen has with it’s community.  Whether it’s coming in after the game to celebrate or hanging out with family and friends.  We know this is your Dairy Queen and we are glad to be part of your smiles and stories as you celebrate life’s little moments at DQ.  Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you again soon.


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